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 Post subject: An ODST Picnic [Tag: Cyd Bishop]
PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:05 am 
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Location: The Milky Way
Galaxy: Milky Way
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Structure: mountain slope
Time Frame: Past
TNH Verse Year: 2517
Local Date: 2517 November _

* This thread picks up where Pilot Pushing left off.

As Auz watched her rise and ready herself, he was sure she could see the bottomless well of otherworldly love he held for her in his eyes, as well as feel it in the supernovic aura bursting and pulsing all around him. Though it would not change the temperature or brightness in the room, it was often felt as a pleasantly, respectfully overpowering presence by those who were born attuned. As the old books did say, you could feel and never deny the presence of those children...

Auz let his eyelids lower until closed, while lowering his head a millimeter or two in a single nod. It was the same way a small puppy had once greeted him, bowing amidst the angelic song of a thousand delicate wind pipes hanging and clanging, resonating in the cool and warm breeze.
"Should I bring anything?"
"Nay. Come.. as you are." It was a whisper only she would here. He had no concerns about waking the others; he just felt like speaking that way in that moment.
"I'm ready."
A smirk opened one side of his lips... then... the other. He let his eyes cast downward toward the carpeted deck of her room in the neck of Persephone. 'We'll see about that,' he so desperately wanted to say, letting only his expression escape and further heighten her anticipation of the great unknown about to come.

Finally making first use of one The New Horizon's quiet bullet-trains after walking and jogging her everywhere throughout it for her first month, Auz assumed a leisurely but clearly focused pace from their final train station through the p-ways that led them to an airlock hatch where he placed his opened hand flush against the panel mid-way up the bulkhead to its side. Once the panel communicated with his body and the carrier's A.I. core, confirming through his biometric, genetic, and print-pattern data his identity, the well-engineered seal almost silently flowed out of their way, moving laterally into the wall, opening from right to left.

Bowing very slightly at his waist, he motioned with his hand for Cyd to step through the hatch into the shadowy, low-ceilinged room on the other side. Only indirect red light fixtures barely glowed in the corners upon the ceiling. The whole room -a rectangular prism with a row of pods against the bulkhead on one side- was completely vacant, like an oddly cozy tomb.


It was the ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) launch bay, and Cyd would know from her studies during the indoctrination weeks that it was where large warships like this one deployed their version of the Airborne Rangers. Auz assured her it wouldn't cause any fuss for them to take one of that unit's pods out for a non-inebriated 'joy ride', as it were. “I own the ship;" he light-heartedly chuckled, "going down in one of these is not a big deal. Same thing as takin’ the family car out for a Sunday drive." Auz stepped in first, standing and leaning back against the padded rear wall inside, wondering if she had caught the quick double entendre he had slipped in there. He knew that she was almost certainly going to be much more concerned about the fact that they would be riding a disposable metal coffin hundreds of miles straight down into an alien world.

Hopefully her likes of boating (through the ocean of Space), cold weather (the chilled breeze until the local sun came up), the beach (at the base of their LZ (Landing Zone) mountain), flying (or falling like a rock), and hiking (from the pod to their picnic site on the mountain’s slope), would outweigh her dislikes of the cramped interior of the one-trooper drop-pod, which was much like being stuffed and trapped in a corner... a corner designed for a one-way trip straight into Hell.

Intended for one person in space-worthy body armor, and a few man-portable machine guns and missile launchers, their drop-pod instead now enveloped two, and a black duffel bag strapped down to the tiny area of deck plating between their feet. Inside it: a small picnic basket with a red-and-white checkered table cloth and a mink blanket big enough to wrap around both of them.

Auz hugged her as she leaned back into his embrace; the drop-pod's hatch having lowered into place to seal them within its foreboding confines. If she asked, as people often asked skydiving instructors, “How do we land?” Auz would enjoy replying with: “We’ll talk about that if the 'chute opens.”
"Are you ready?" he grinned with his lips beside her ear; "We're going to fall..." -another double meaning.
The pod ejected in silence out from the vast underbelly of the spacecraft carrier and left the inertial dampener field generated by their parent ship. As they fell, billions of stars, nebulae, and galaxies were spattered like multi-hued fireflies all across the pitch black ocean of Space, visible through their narrow window panels. Weather patterns were visible on the planet many dozens of miles below them.

They could feel the planet’s gravity grab hold of them and accelerate the pod down into its stratosphere until the black sky faded into growing, amoebic patches of pale blues; many of the cosmic night-lights fading out of view above them. The fall through the jet-stream was met with major turbulence shaking the pod, but it was unable to rattle anything in its rugged, layered, cushioned design -other than, perhaps, their constitutions. The curve of the horizon slowly straightened itself out as their HUD-altimeter’s needle spun in a blur, indicating a descent reaching terminal velocity.

Auz had seen and felt this many times before, so his focus was on how Cyd felt leaning back against him, and how her hair and skin smelled. He made no effort to hide the fact that his breathing was very calm and deep, and that his head was resting slightly against her own, keeping his nose close. Her scents kept closing his eyes as he gave himself over fully into them. His forearms shifted, sliding another inch or so tighter around her torso; his hands resettling a bit more firmly around the sides of her ribs. Dropping in one of these pods with a loved one was unheard-of, and he was cherishing every second of it.

Then all the turbulence stopped and they were weightless as they fell through two more layers of sparse clouds; the stratocumulus and nimbostratus. A light started flashing to indicate 'chute deployment. The 'chute cable extended up from the top of their pod, with a resounding, metallic, rapid 'clacking'. Instantly, they felt as if their weight had increased three-fold, but the cushioned, standing-bucket-seat, and the gradual blossoming of the 'chute's drag-panels, prevented any pain. The 'chute had opened. Auz then began to explain to her how to use the pod's joystick and other dashboard console controls to guide it and land. With his arms now resting around her waist, his hands took the controls as a literal 'backseat driver', and he steered it as if he were sailing on calm seas.

When the pod neared the ground, retro-rockets fired to life outside around the base of the capsule, and the drag-panels reached full expansion to slow them as much as possible before impact. Meeting the ground with a minor jolt, the pod was immediately wedged securely in place. The floor-to-ceiling hatch in front of them burst open with a loud 'PAH' as its charges detonated all at once, and flew out in front of them, landing with a soil-muffled thud in the grass-patched dirt, skidding forward another foot to its halt. “This is normally the time you’d activate the thermites and melt the pod down into a crater so no one can recover and reverse-engineer it, but we’ll be reloading it in the N-H’s drop-bay later.”

They had made planet-fall in their pod within a pre-planned site on the slope of an Alpine-esque mountain facing the sun-bearing horizon while it was still cool, slightly breezy, and dark. Auz slung the black duffel over his shoulder, offering his arm bent at the elbow for Cyd to take if she so chose, and walked over to the middle of the grassy clearing they had landed in. Quickly setting up a campfire, he cooked up an organic, Paleo-diet meal for her and watched the sky glow into rich, vibrant violet.

As the meal neared its preparatory completion, he produced the red-and-white checkered table cloth, shook it fully open in a single movement, and let it slowly float down on the light breeze to settle evenly on the grassy slope facing the distant horizon stretching out in all directions from their perch. Auz then set the duffel and picnic basket at either corner to keep the blanket pinned down nicely, fetched the piping hot, gourmet food freshly cooked up, and served it on one plate of blue-dyed, gold-rimmed China accompanied by two long-stemmed, crystal champagne glasses and a set of golden chopsticks.

Findings his seat beside Cyd on the large, checkered picnic cloth, he took the rolled mink blanket, shook it open, and rotated his arms to spin it like a cape laterally around his side, behind both of them, letting it settle on their backs. Their body-heat would now be reflected back onto them and merged under the single throw, leaving the chilled breeze of fresh mountain air to only cool their face, necks, and hands. Auz opened his hands for Cyd to rest hers in them, then took them both between his own, combining all four of them into a single prayer formation. "Mächtige Welt Seele, Danke für diesen Tag, diese Luft, diese Mahlzeit, dieser Himmel, und diese Wind. Vielen Dank für diese schöne junge Dame, die hier neben meiner sitzt. Lassen Sie uns, hier in diesem Moment, werden ein." He opened his eyes, taking in a deep, slow breath of the crisp, Alpine-esque air rushing up the slope, carrying the scents of their fresh, hot meal, and the countless flowers far below, directly up from the China dish to their tongues and noses. "Let's eat." A final, warm squeeze of her prayer-claspt hands within his own, and he freed them, using his to retrieve and hold the plate for her to take first bite.

It was then that the epic dome of pre-dawn sky went baby-blue, and, after several minutes of breakfast and wind savoring, finally erupted with the peeking sun. The rising star’s rays began to send untold numbers of photons pushing against the atmosphere; solar rays stirring and accelerating aerial rivers, making it windier and more chilled for about half an hour as their camp fire flickered and popped, sending wavy snakes of embers and smoky ash spiraling up around one another like a shadow elemental’s braided ponytail rising free from gravity; ether into aether, the fire’s dying exhales slowly assuming invisibility.

Auz wrapped an arm around her under their covering, using his other one to secure the mink blanket's sides neatly closed in front of them, and tilted his face up to embrace and give thanks for the light rain that passed upon them like a mist of fairies that wasn't fully tangible; its microscopic droplets hanging in the air at times and sparkling in the new sun. As the mist kissed and wetted his face, he lets his eyes close, smiling widely, and continued a few more prayers in his mind. "These slope-top meals and retreats are sacred, Lady Bishop. I am glad you are here."

A flock of parrot-colored tarantulas landed all around them, chirping and hissing in a friendly chorus. Auz let one creep toward him until it was curiously poking at his offered hand with its two front legs, and within a few seconds of studying him, it carefully stepped up onto his hand and walked its way up his arm to settle down on his shoulder, where it fully extended and then tucked its bright, rainbow-patterned wings back. “Like the tarantulas of Earth-That-Was, these extra-solar relatives are comfortable with humanoids. Spiders are respectful creatures. If you are calm, they are calm. If you enjoy their company, they enjoy yours." He paused for a moment, enjoying a hiccup of nostalgia. "I used to have a pet tarantula,” he smiled, letting the lucid and vivid memory pet his spirit. “I miss that little guy.” He didn't really 'miss' him, per say; it was just an expression that meant he loved still having his company in spirit.


The APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) that came down to recover them was the same Firefly they had just left, auto-piloted and homing-in on him. Nyria, Sasha, Brahan, and Augustine greeted them at the lowering, front-facing ramp beneath the neck to the cockpit. Auzdein turned to Cyd with very upright, dignified, and generously peacocking posture, "The helm is yours, if the lady would care to honor us with some more of her piloting skills.” Scooping up a handful of dirt and sprinkling it over the fire, he casually stomped its lingering remains down with one foot, and then poured half a bottle of water onto it.

Nyria rested a graceful hand upon the drop-pod hatch wedged into the drag-scarred soil, and began to hum softly as if to herself. The hatch then rose as if being repelled from the ground itself, and she walked it over to Persephone and up its ramp to ease it back down inside the Firefly’s hangar. Her hand had only rested atop the thick metal hatch the whole time. When she went back out, Brahan was still there covering her, and she repeated this process with the whole drop-pod; the beauty of ancient harmonics: 'singing to the stones'.

Brahan knew btr than to ask how she did that trick, but he always joked with her about it. As the ramp raised back up and sealed them inside the Firefly’s belly, he just smirked and shook his head. “I still can’t figure out how the hell you do that. I’m starting to think the singing is just misdirection.”
Nyria winked at him, “Maybe you can **** it out of me,” and ascended the catwalk steps, disappearing into a hatch above. Passing by Augustine, she leaned over and pecked him on the cheek, which got him helplessly smiling. “Miss Serra,” he offered in return, sharing his gentleman's southern drawl, continuing on his way.

Auz boarded last with Brahan holding security just inside the rising, closing ramp-hatch, and they all found their seats throughout the ship; Auz's being in the co-pilot seat aside from their new pilot-Barbie. "Alright, Number One," he joked in a Sean Connery accent without so much as cracking a smile, "Take us up." 'Number One' was a reference to an old sci-fi television show, but in Auz's mind it was also a reference to the slang term for 'urinating'; his special blend of affection.

Dr. Auzdein von Himmler
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 Post subject: Re: An ODST Picnic [Tag: Cyd Bishop]
PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:55 am 
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by Cyd Bishop

Her blue eyes found the dim light of her hatch, and seemed to reflect it with a sparkle emanating from within. In the breath of a moment, she felt a little like a child on their birthday. It would even hint in the uplift within her morning voice. And further be viewed in the bright crooked smile which danced on her features, as she grabbed a t-shirt. Cyd pulled the t-shirt over her head just in time to catch his own mischievous glint in his eyes. Her head leaned into a gentle tilt, considering the spark that she had seen. Again, she saw there was something about him that drew her. And when she realized the thought of her attraction, Cyd lowered her chin with faulty smirk, then caught up to his already quickened pace.

They arrived at an airlock, one which she had seen inside her books. She understood their use. Her own history of air deployment had only been by shuttle, and then drop. This was new, a large metal bullet that would quicken their journey through space and to their drop. With the elegant bow, Cyd again flashed a faint grin, then stepped inside the airlock. The tall blonde moved into the hatch with a quiet curiosity, her fingers reaching out to touch the smooth metal surface near one of the 'bullets'. Her large doe eyes squinted, as she surveyed the 'crypt. Then turned and gave him a look uncertain, one sculpted eyebrow arched, "We aren't going to get in trouble for this?"

"I mean, I'm still rather precocial on this ship." It was a jest of course, displayed in the even more tilted smile, as she looked to Auz. It would be then that he would see the light in her eyes again; the flicker that came unconsciously, with the sweep of her gaze over the stout form of him. The Athenian's eyes continued to visually smooth his body into her mind's eye, as he leaned back into the seat. His answer brought a swift rise of her eyes, where a few smile lines shattered the satin texture of her skin. Cyd had caught the double entendre, "Well, that is what she said."

She at least, laughed at her own joke. Turning about to settle into the straddle seat, she rested her back against the barrel of his chest. As the pod settled for the drop, her eyes flickered about their dimmed crypt. His embrace about her slim waist brought about a bit of a smile, which he wouldn't see. Careful throughout her life, she took his touch as comforting and friendship; the expansion of the group that had become her 'family unit', although admittedly there was a whisper of something within her belly that enjoyed his touch a bit more. Another shift of the pod, and her hands rose to rest softly against the back of one arm and his hand, "The manual wasn't exactly clear on landing these."

His answer was met with a silent O, and a slight nod of her head. As his breath passed like a warm summer wind against the frame of her ear, any other questions fell silent. And then they fell...

At first, instinct caused her legs to tighten, which pressed her harder against the line of his body. The blonde's eyes darted towards the glass views, watching as the stars sky rocketed past their view. Slowly, with the spectacle Cyd was given, she began to enjoy the pure theatre of her experience. Her body relaxed further into his arms. With the warmth of his hand and arm beneath her own palms, her fingers began to move of their own accord, laving soft strokes of her fingertips against his skin. The chiseled line of her jaw remained lifted, as azure pools met their reflection between the passing clouds. She was mesmerized in the moment, enchanted with the thrill of the fall and the forgotten luxury of a body so close to her own.

Again the pod jolted their bodies, and her limbs tightened in reflex. An impulse that dissolved, as listening to Auz and the intuitive piece of the pilot came into focus. Rugged arms moved against her ribcage, taking the throttle and controls. Cyd felt the pod wrestle against him, but ending to give up the battle to his skills and strength, piloting the pod smoothly to the surface.

When she stepped out into the obsidian world, Cyd took in a quick sharp breath of the cool air. Her breasts lifted with the full swell of her lungs. It was pure, clean mountain air. She pulled deeply the pass of air a few times, before she saw Auz out of the corner of her eyes. A flicker of a grin played on her mouth, then settled away to a more slender lift, with her contemplation. Cyd decided to take his arm.

With her own vision, she was not able to catch the hinted lights of those with keen senses. Yet, she had moved through the dark before. Stepping through the deep slates and ebonies of the landscape, she moved easily in stride with Auz. Her hip brushing against his own, as their pace nearly matched.

She had settled into her prepared seat, she could smell the clean food he was preparing. Most people might have decided to chat, while the other cooked. Instead, she enjoyed herself with the quiet view of him. His shadows moving along his back, seeming even darker by the firelight reflected on his face. The flames seemed to lick at his beard. And she wondered what the texture was; course, or soft, or just right against her fingertips. Again such thoughts caused her to give away with a crooked grin, and to turn her eyes to the distant darkness. Her usual custom was not to compliment. Perhaps, some human hang-ups had penetrated the years and distance into Athena IV's consuetudes. Yet, she remembered. His compliments had felt nice, even when they seem to come from out of the atmosphere. And here, she would do something that would hint at the bravery and the willingness to change that moved through the current of her being, "I like your beard."

It was simple, but the truth. And as she found him settled in comfortably with her, there would be times he would notice how her eyes flickered to the square line of his dark beard. A quick streak of a grin would cause her lips to quiver, and then she would turn to the scenery. Yet her eyes would fall to quiet amazement, as he took their hands into a single unit to pray. Her eyes settled to his profile, watching as he took in a breath and then released it. His words were spoken on a language she did not know, but believed to sound familiar. To say she was fascinated by him would lessen the emotions she felt consume her right then. Cyd finally allow her grin to beam again, and gave him a quick nod, "It smells so good."

The meal was divine, causing her tongue to water between each taste. They shared one plate, keeping close that she enjoyed the heat emanating between their bodies. Again, they fell into silence, beneath the beauty that rose before them with the gentle blue display of the sky. With the pale azure lifted the wind, wiping through her pony tail. She felt it caress the full line of her lips, between each bite. There was a moment that her body shivered, but fell gentle again to his warmth, as his arm moved about her body to hold the blanket in tight. Cyd turned to look at him then, again. And saw the reverence that fell upon his visage, just as the sky dashed small wet kisses against their skin. Cyd laughed a giggle that sounded so much like a child, and might have seemed odd for a woman her age. But, it was a sound of pure joy, that ended with a gentle nod and a warmth of love in her eyes, as she looked to Auz, "Thank you for bringing me here."

The surprises would not be concluded then, as brightly colored creatures landed upon them. They were like little eight legged birds, and nothing that Cyd had ever seen before. Their small 'feet' tickled her wrist, as they took careful steps along the alabaster surface. Cyd listened to Auz' explanation, but hadn't the first idea she should have been fearful, not knowing what they were, "I've never heard of a Tarantula, honestly."

Cyd brought her palm around to face upwards, and let the colorful creature wander against the light pink surface. And then she heard the sound of fondness in his voice. Cyd turned to watch him, and saw the sweet endearing smile that spread on his face. Her head lent to the side, as she enjoyed his moment of bliss and the golden realization of a memory shared, "Perhaps, your 'little guy' is saying hello now."

Their morning was over, but not from the frames of Cyd's memories. It had been a moment of sweetness, of a quiet paradise they were able to share. Cyd had honestly not shared such a moment like this in over many years. Alone with another meant work, it meant a mission, which was not all together a bad thing. But, this was something she'd keep in dear memory. And so, she continued so, as she piloted the crew back to home. Chuckling to herself as Brahan and Nyria gave each other 'heck', and giving Auz a confused raised brow, not getting his joke, but laughing all the same. She felt good, and she felt home.

Dr. Auzdein von Himmler
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 Post subject: Re: An ODST Picnic [Tag: Cyd Bishop]
PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:02 am 
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"I mean, I'm still rather precocial on this ship."
Auz flashed a smile, thoroughly enjoying her recounting of the word he had tossed out there not too long ago.

Cyd had caught the double entendre, "Well, that is what she said."
Another smile opened his lips, eyes flashing with enjoyment. No further commentary issued forth, however; he was saving that kind of response for when (if) she started spitting the real gritty humor.

"I like your beard."
A music video and its matching line flashed through his mind's eye, while a smile at both the memory and her compliment forged upon his face, spreading at a normal rate until a quiet puff of air escaped his nostrils and his eyes pivoted to catch her face for a moment, in thanks. He wasn't used to compliments, and she might be the only way for him to ever become so. Saying little, Auz would let her discover only through her growing or restored boldness that gazing upon him was well received if one was sensed as kin, while taken as an immediate sign of aggression if coming from any and all others. The more he noticed her looking at him, the more she would find he would glance back, holding her gaze and letting her learn to speak the language of his face, rather than his tongue -although that organ's many languages would come, too; just later.

"It smells so good."
Another big, warm smile spread upon him, lungs filled deeply and fully; he let her read his thanks through the changes in his form. Eventually, he hoped, no words would be needed between the two of them. She would be able to detect his every feeling and intention by way alone of his subtle mannerisms, like the way his limbs flexed or hung, or how his frame eased and erected. "I'm glad you think so." Dimples formed again as he held in a laugh with military bearing, "It's mostly stuff I fished out of the toilet."

When she shivered for that moment, he let his eyes close and leaned in to her just a hint more, savoring the feelings being generated by her body and his own. He wanted to wrap both arms around her, lay her down on their cloth spread, guide her legs open with the sliding of his knees, and settle onto and into her, interlacing their fingers and squeezing her hands as he kept them comfortably pinned down to the soft, grassy slope, but now was not the time, and he was not ready to be questioning or changing holy laws for the sake of sharing sacred love and pleasures with an Outlander.

Cyd laughed, a giggle that sounded so much like a child, and might have seemed odd for a woman her age, but, Auz could tell it was a sound of pure joy, that ended with a gentle nod and a warmth of love in her eyes that finally finished melting his reservations away. "Thank you for bringing me here."
Auz squeezed her close with his arm still around her under their shared blanket, "You had it coming," he let a fleeting, flirty grin show his dimples before looking back to the rising sun. Taking in another deep breath and letting it fill him with the energies recharging his core and soul, "And you are most welcome. Thank you for coming." Auz might have come on his own, as he had many times before, but he wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much.

"For a long time, I found it lonesome that I had happenchance to often enjoy these natural beauties far away from home and apparently banned by the gods from being accompanied by anyone. Then, for another long time, I found it fitting and fair, as they had failed to appreciate and seek such things as much, and as I realized the focus would have been more on them, instead of where it belonged; on the view and its feelings. Now, seeing here in this moment that there is another like me, who appreciates it in quiet reverie and grace, I am convinced this is the way it is meant to be, and that the gods had helped us both to first complete ourselves, then discover and feel how to appropriately and completely appreciate these things, and now..." he looked again back to her, "And now.." his eyes moved down to take in the sight of her lips, helping him to imagine how they would look pressing together with his own, "now that we are ready, they bless us with each other." His eyes finally moved back up to her own, taken by their soft brilliance. He wanted to kiss her so badly. His flexing jaw-line muscles would expose this. Auz looked back out to the sunrise.

"I've never heard of a Tarantula, honestly."
He was calm yet excited to tell her of them. "A tarantula is a type of spider; an arachnid (air-breathing, simple-eyes, and four pairs of legs) of the phylum arthropoda; jointed-foot invertebrates. Some are tiny, some are big enough to hunt birds, all should only be petted from front to rear to avoid the secondary function of their hairs as sticky, penetrating barbs, and none until these colorful ones had ever gained flight -that we know of," he smiled with a barely turned head, looking just for a half-second to the one resting on his shoulder. Any more lengthy of a glance would have spooked the eight-legged, flying person, as per their customs and body language, and Auz knew this and honored it. With their growing familiarity and respect for one another -the spider-fairy and the relative-giant- they sat there with each other, continuing to enjoy the twinkling mist, brightening sky, and crisp, restoring wind. It was a moment to remember.

"Perhaps, your 'little guy' is saying hello now."
Another warm smile; this time more than all the others. He remembered when someone had said something like that about a small, white butterfly that they thought surely had to be the spirit of a family pet who had always tried to chase them and always tried to leap into the air to fly like them. He let his head cant and lean to rest against the side of Cyd's own. It was one of his ways of saying "I love you," and one he hadn't said in decades.

Auz passively observed Cyd as they flew back up out of the blue sky, and as she skillfully brought them back within view of the orbiting New Horizon. Trusting her to make any and all piloting calls at this point, he said nothing, and just enjoyed the ride.

[/ End]

* This thread continues in A Few of my Favorite Things.

Dr. Auzdein von Himmler
Governor of Inisfree
Neuschwabenland, Antarktis

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