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 Post subject: Passage [Tag: please request before joining]
PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:50 am 
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Location: The Milky Way
Galaxy: Milky Way
System Cluster: Local Cluster
Solar System: Ra/Sol/Sun
Planet: Earth/Gaia
Level: surface
Continent / Ocean: Asia
Nation / Territory: Nepal
State / Province: Karnali Zone
County / Prefecture: Dolpa District
City / Town / Village: Dunai
Suburb: _
Structure: _
Time Frame: Past
TNH Verse Year: 2014
Local Date: 2014 February 26

by Freya Storm at March 15 Tuesday 11:27 am EST

This world greeted her. Like a goddess that descended down from their great mountains, Freya had been welcomed with broad smiles and generous laughter. Their caramel hands reaching out to caress fingers against the leather of her jacket, tempted touches of the ivory digits of her hands. While she would not be the first tall figure of a 'human' to step into their village, these people had not been domesticated enough to not sense the tangible aura of the female and not believe it to be something. The gentle prickle of calm energy would brush against their skin like the silkiest cool fur. Like the few creatures that prowled the highest ridges of their mountains, there was something more to this 'ESU' woman than could be explored with the eye.

In the first few days that she had 'settled' among the people of Dunai, her plans to continue her trek to other regions of this planet became forgotten. They held their own auras, the remnants of those who survived the changes just over a year. It had become believed that those who did not survive had been punished by the gods. The village had gone through a revival. Something easy in a town so remote, with little technology streaming through its 334 households. Freya had found a small inn, with slow internet, but it would work for emails. Her iPhone held no signal, not even on the highest peak. It seemed fitting, for her temporary abandonment of the modern world.

The winds brushed crisp against her skin. Her saffron hair held tight in a pony tail band wiped about to sweep against her shoulders and tickle her cheeks. Dressed in dark jeans, a black thermal, and her leather coat, she used the dark clothing to draw the sun's warmth upon her body, as she leaned over the river Thuli Bheri. Her hand dipping into the chilly waters, so cold it felt like ice against her fingertips.

Today would be another hike. A search for the 'elusive' felines had been blessed. Freya surprised the trackers, as her keen senses picked up the musk of the lone male who called this region his own. She hoped to find him today, this time on her own. In the few weeks, Freya had come to know the mountains that shielded Dunai as well as her own back home. She had learned the more common words of Nepalese language, learning to use hand motion and inflection, as well as scent to further understand and respond to those 'words' she couldn't quiet grasp.

Cupping her hand, Freya brought the sharp icy water to her face. The crisp chill nearly a sting, and yet opened ever pour of her features to make her feel 'alive'. It was still early morning, the sun barely licking the tops of the mountain ridge. Yet, something else lapped at her senses. It was sharp, a musk that held infection and waste. Freya spun the delicate v of her chin about, as blue eyes that matched the sky above her shot towards the direction of the oncoming wind. Nostrils flared, huffing the scent from her nasal corridors. Her tongue swiped against her top lip, and then she drew in a long slow pull of the scent. She didn't like it. And neither did the domesticated dogs which she heard begin to yip and howl at the scented intrusion.

Dr. Auzdein von Himmler
Governor of Inisfree
Neuschwabenland, Antarktis

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